What is a "Personal Universe"?

What is this "Personal Universe" thing we keep mentioning, and why is it so important? 


Our team here at the Personal Universe Store each have our own personal and deep love for outer space. We have grown up exploring the cosmos, through telescopes and late nights laying out on the grass, in astronomy class studying star constellations and the patterns of the planets, we each have our backgrounds that have brought us together through our common interest. 


That is why this store and our goal as a company is so important to all of us. We as a company strive to provide the highest quality goods and products at affordable prices, in order to give everyone the chance to explore their love for outer space as we do. If you find on our website there is a product priced to high, or an item you'd like in a different color or size, or even just a product you would love to see on our site, feel free to contact us with the contact link at the top, and we will always respond. We love hearing from customers!


So whether you have your own journey of finding your love for outer space, or you are just starting out and simply looking for a new hoodie, we believe this store will have exactly what you are looking for!